Meet Chris Dowling – CEO


I am the oldest sibling of 4. I am married 32 years in April and have two fantastic children. One of them is a currently a biology teacher at a local High School and cheerleading coach and the other was a tremendous football player who currently trains other football players and works at Nurses 24/7. My wife was a High School teacher for over 30 years, who is now retired. I am blessed with a great family, great friends and great employees.

On a typical day I oversee executive and financial decisions as well as operations management. I live very close to the New Jersey office so each morning I come in, check emails and check in with Munir, Marion and Kevin who basically runs the company. From there I resolve any issues and make sure operations are in order and running smoothly. I have a fantastic executive team which makes my job easier!


I genuinely appreciate watching those we bring into the company grow and achieve success, while enjoying what they do. We aim to build a friendly and collaborative work environment where everyone can learn from one another. Allowing people to flourish using their talents is very important to me. Achieving overall success is a team effort.


Yes, one dog named Champ, who is more than a dog to me, he is a friend! I have always been an animal lover and we regularly had cats and dogs growing up.

It is actually a funny and interesting story as I fell into the recruitment and staffing industry by accident. At the time, I was originally seeking employment in marketing and working with a recruitment company to land a job. I eventually ended up being hired by the recruitment company instead. I spent 15 years in the industry and gained a great amount of knowledge. From there I decided to open my first staffing agency with my brother in Florida. The agency was very different than Nurses 24/7 as we provided job seekers with various types of employment rather than just in one field. From there, it led to us working with another agency that eventually contributed to opening Nurses 24/7 in Wayne, New Jersey. We have been fully operational in nurses for over a decade and the rest is history.

I enjoy going to the beach, traveling and watching sports. I have been a Wayne Hills football team coach and enjoy every minute of it.

I am an avid NY Giants fan as I am a season ticket holder and don’t miss a home game! I also enjoy watching the Mets during baseball season. Lastly, I love just hanging out in my backyard with great friends!

The employees that make up Nurses 24/7. We truly have a family feel to our company and we take pride in that. There are employees that have been here since the beginning and I am thankful for them. When you have a great group of people all aiming for the same goal a great deal can be accomplished.

I have seen Bruce Springsteen over 100+ times and have a Born to Run tattoo!

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen. (And many other Springsteen songs)

To be invisible.

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